Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend sketches 01242010

A few people eating at the DIA cafeteria, during Friday dinner.
Done at the Scarab club, 2hr 30min pose.
Based off a painting in the Detroit Institute of Art, in the American section.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Invader Zim studies - Holloween Episode

Ottawa International Film Festival 2009

Eric Goldberg's overhead sketch for Disney's Princess and the Frog lecture

A study of Eric Goldberg while presenting to an audience.
Rough sketches of Ron Diamond and Steven Silverberg. (An awesome presentation from Silverberg)
On the way back to Detroit, I sat on the passenger side for a number of hours, it was quite numbing.
On the way to Ottawa, I sat in the backseat. It was nice and comfy. Comfy enough to take many naps.
Meet the Directors on Thursday or Friday morning.
Same meeting.
A double decker bus interior, although this is the bottom deck.
Meet the Directors, Sat. or Friday morning.
An interior of Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons rules Canada like Starbucks rules the US.
A rough sketch of Chris Robertson.
An interior sketch of the hotel room, over at the Days Inn.
Random people at the Animators Picnic.