Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ford UniVRS Sponsored Project - Spring 2009

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A sponsored collaboration between Ford Motor Company and the College for Creative Studies (Spring 2009): this project in general is a new way to present demographics to a company's R&D department, aiding in new innovative product development. There were four teams competing against each other, one team would receive scholarship money in the end.
My team's pitch is called Ford uniVRS (universal Virtual Reality Statistics), where virtual worlds are created specifically by and for a certain demographic to help in the process of R&D at Ford. This is more of a new age tool than a source of inspiration.

Team X Members:
-Caitlin Pasqualone & Jared Silbert - Graphic & Interface Design
-Josiah Sarr - R&D & Concept Designer
-Marco Cutrera - Illustrator
-Brock Koelzer - Team Leader
-Mike Drain - 3-D modeler
-Ryan Griffin - Flash Support

Original team X members.

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